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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Magazine Basket - the "must have" accessory for any home!

Thirty-One's Magazine Basket is a MUST HAVE item for any household!! It has so many simply can't live without it!! The unique shape of these deep baskets makes them both functional and beautiful. Great for carrying books to the porch for a lazy summer afternoon of reading, or creating an interesting display of collectibles inside your home. The larger version holds even more!! Grea for holding blankets, extra bathroom tissue, or on the go filled with party favors!!

Something fun about this basket that turn it into more than your ordinary can utilize the handle!! Simply remove the handle and use it as a toilet paper holder and then store the extra rolls in the basket!

Or you can create your very own on-the-go portable gift wrap station and use the handle to store spools of ribbon and keep wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue in the basket!


  1. How do you keep the handle from falling out all the time. Mine won't stay in the basket.

  2. Place a like colored hair scrunchie around either end of the handle. This will keep it in place for most use.