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Monday, June 6, 2011

Wait List Update...(31 is thawing out!!)

Have you heard the news?? Thirty-One will be extending an exclusive invitation to the first 3,100 women that joined the Wait-List to enroll as consultants!! Woohoo!

Thirty-One was the fastest growing company in their industry last year! As a result, we were busting at the seams!! Thirty-One temporarily stopped accepting new enrollments in February in order to focus on our home office. We have been "frozen"...but it's beginning to "thaw"!! They have been hiring, expanding and increasing production like crazy...and boy are we ready!!!

Our official wait list went into effect on May 4th. We currently have 15,000+ women chomping at the bit to join this amazing company!!

Consultants in the first 3,100 who are ready to rock 'n roll will receive our Summer Jump Start Kit:

  • Flat Iron Case Circle Spirals
  • Cinch Sac Pink Circle Spirals
  • Organizing Utility Tote Circle Spirals
  • Market Tote Circle Spirals, embroidered with the Wait List 2011 logo!
  • Small Rosette Clip Pink
These consultants are going to be SO pumped up...that when they sell $500 in their first 15 days, they will earn the Jump Start BONUS kit for FREE!!! ($300 worth of goodies!!) ....but wait, there's more!!! When they meet their Start Swell Goals, they can also earn the Girl on the Go kit, which is also worth $300!!!

Wow, it really is true..."the best things in life are worth the wait." I truly love Thirty-One and everything they do for their consultants!! Our "ladies in waiting" are going to get spoiled and pampered!!

If you haven't joined the is the time!! Sign up today to save your place in line!!! I can't wait to welcome you to my phenomenal team of "31 Queen B's!"

Do you want MORE?
I'm holding an exclusive "Thirty-One Scavenger Hunt" for the ladies on my Wait-List! I am emailing out a set of questions on the 1st and 15th of each month! For every set of question that you answer, I will bank $5 for you to spend on NEW Fall/Winter products after you enroll!! This will add even MORE to your display kit!! This is just a little way for me to thank you for being so patient! Contact me to start playing!!

Have Questions? I'd love to chat!!

Kristen Brininstool
Ind. Executive Director
Thirty-One Gifts

Talk: 210-373-7950

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June: You will fall in love with Thirty-One all over again!!

Wow!! I just celebrated my two year anniversary with Thirty-One...and this month's special is the best I have ever seen!! The Utility Collection is my favorite...and the LARGE UTILITY TOTE (LUT) is the BEST...and it comes in NINE fabulous fabrics!!! But wait...there's more!! Our PINK CIRCLE SPIRALS print is available in our LUTs this month only!!!

During the month of June, when you spend $ can add this "must have" bag for 70% off...only $9 (reg. $30)!! ...AND it's per $31 that you spend!! Woohoo...spend $62, you will get TWO of them for $9 bucks!! ...etc!! This is a customer special that should not be passed up!!

If you don't own an "LUT" need one (really, two or three or four (if you catch my drift)). ...and here are 31 reasons why:

1. Back of the Car/Trunk Organizer (odd and ends)

2. Grocery Store

3. Picnic

4. Pool/Beach

5. Haul Gifts (esp during Birthday Parties or Holidays)

6. Soccer Games (sports field)

7. Sam's Club/Costco trips

8. One per Family Member

9. Laundry - clean AND dirty

10. Toy Bin

11. Sports Gear

12. Blankets

13. Game Night

14. Dress-Up Bin

15. Car Gear (jumper cables, washer fluid, etc)

16. Hats, Scarves, Gloves holder (monogrammed with "Winter Gear")

17. Camping

18. Scrapbooking Supplies (Cricut, Silhouette, etc)

19. Yarn-Monogrammed with "Strings N Things"

20. Travel Bag

21. Christmas Decorations

22. Dorm bag

23. Family Christmas Gift filled with goodies

24. Emergency Kit for severe weather warnings

25. Pet Supplies

26. Up/Downstairs Bag

27. Shoe Bag

28. Firewood

29. Bring in Vegetables from Garden

30. Tailgating Bag

31. Baby Stuff

...and here are some of these fabulous ideas in action!!

"Got Game?" - Ballpark!

"Party Time" - perfect for Birthday Parties!!

"Game Night"

"Dorm Gear" - laundry, etc!!

"Jett Family" - perfect to haul to the beach

Great for baby's room! Blankets, diapers, toys and more!

"Goal" - perfect for sports equipment and soccer fields!

"Polo!" - summer pool outings

"Family Fun" - day at the park

"Backyard BBQ" - bread, chips, food...oh my!

...and the list goes on and on!!
Last but not least, here is a little visual aid to help show you just how BIG our Large Utility Tote is!! (and you can tell there is still room for more!!)

I know you are hooked and you want to take part in the fabulous June special!!

Contact me today!

Kristen Brininstool
Independent Executive Director