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Friday, April 9, 2010

Steps to become a 31 Consultant!!

I normally send an informational email to potential recruits! However, since my blog has been generating such wonderful traffic...they have been emailing me instead!! Several of my new team members have been a result of my!!

With that said, I figured I would include some information so that future readers know what it takes to get started!! ...or for those of you who may be curious!

Our Spring/Summer catalog was just released on February 1st!! The Fall/Winter catalog will launch on August 1st!!

As a Thirty-One Consultant:

-$250 commission on your sales
-1000 points to go towards a DREAM vacation
-$50+ Conference Bucks to help pay your way to our National Conference
-Over $300 in products with our fabulous Consultant Kit
-Website and e-newsletter FREE for three months
-Earn a $50 REBATE from me!! (ask me for details, offer expires April 30th)

All of that is just a taste of what you can earn in your first 30 days by selling $1000! The average Thirty-One consultant sells $1000 with just TWO home shows!

It is only $99 to get started and you get over $300 in product!! I made my money back with my first party!! Your minimum sales to stay active are $200 per rolling 3 month time period…so so easy to achieve!!! Thirty-One pays you 25% commission (and you can get a check or direct deposit on the 10th of each month). In addition, your commission percentage will increase as you promote! It is so great…they do not charge you to accept credit cards, they cover hostess rewards/freebies...and more!!

Your kit is expected to ship from Thirty-One in 2-3 business days. The great thing about Thirty-One is you schedule when you want to work!! You pick your hours…so they are flexible around YOUR schedule!! You can also set up online or catalog parties!! If you go to my website, and choose “My Events”…you will see a list of open parties that I currently have….and anyone can order online for these specific parties!! All you have to do is set it up!! We also sell “Party to Go” kits (or you can create your own), where you can give your hostess just a few items…so she can show them to her friends and families!! Catalog or Online parties are super easy and a fun way to supplement your party business!!

If you scroll down here is a brief re-cap about what you will get with the new Spring/Summer kit. Just read below and let me know what other questions you might have!! It is great to start your business with a brand new, fresh catalog!! Click here to view our recruiting flyer for additional information!

Becoming a consultant is the best way to be able to host YOUR party!! Not only do you receive the hostess rewards, but it is the perfect way to launch your new career or hobby!! Click here to view our hostess flyer and rewards!!

**Click here to view our Start Swell program! This is a great motivator to help get your business up and running...and to get a TON of FREE stuff!!

**It is important for you to have your first 4 parties booked when you sign up so you can get the bonus paperwork for free – this is double paperwork and catalogs - you can be one of the hosts too! Also make sure you check the box about getting a website as this is free for 3 months!

Kit Contents (items subject to change based on availability):

Item 1: Key Fob (Hampton in Taupe)
Item 2: Coin Purse (Green Ditzy)
Item 3: Zipper Pouch (Newport Stripe)
Item 4: Infant Bib (I’m a Hooot Owl)
Item 5: Thermal Tote (Paparazzi Dot)

Pre-selected embroidery “Take Out”
Item 6: Large Utility Tote (Tailored Stripe)
Item 7: About Town Blanket (Paparazzi Dot)

Pre-selected Embroidery “Family”
Item 8: Boardwalk Bag (Peony Bloom)

Pre-selected Embroidery “Celebrate”
Item 9: Pleated Top Beach Tote (Newport Bloom)

Pre-selected Embroidery “Thirty-One”
Item 10: Snap Skirt Purse (Brown)
Item 11: Fitted Skirt (Hampton in Taupe)

There is an alternate kit for $149. This kit allows you to choose your monogramming, as well as your fabrics. It’s just a personal choice...Thirty-One does a great job of making selections; it just depends on what you want :)

Please let me know if you have questions during the enrollment process or need my assistance! When you are ready to sign up go to my website: and choose Join My Team! You will know you have successfully signed up when you receive a welcome message with your Consultant ID #.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Let me know if you have any questions!! Thanks and look forward to working with you!!

Kristen Brininstool
Thirty-One Gifts, Director

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My journey with Thirty-One...

My name is Kristen Brininstool and I am a Director for Thirty-One! I began my career as a consultant in May of 2009 when my daughter was 8 months old. I wanted to be able to stay at home with her and working for Thirty-One has allowed me to do so!

Prior to the birth of my daughter, I had been working at a local stationery and gift store. It was a happy place that sold anything and everything that was cute, personalized, bright, etc!! Needless to say, when my sister-in-law discovered Thirty-One…she immediately thought of me!! I had never been interested in any of the Direct Sales companies…but Thirty-One just spoke to me! I quickly became obsessed with wanting to start this journey and my husband fully supported my decision. He wanted me to find something where I could bring home at least $500 a month…so far I am at least doubling or tripling this (and he is still in awe at my success).

Thirty-One is a faith based company whose name is derived from Proverbs 31. The founder’s mission is to celebrate, reward and encourage the woman in the family…and that is exactly what we do!!

Why Thirty-One? I love Thirty-One for many reasons. Our products sell themselves; they are fun, whimsical, functional and personalized! Who doesn’t love giving or receiving a gift with their name on it? Many other direct sales companies are tailored for more personalized tastes. Whereas with Thirty-One, even if you don’t see something for yourself (which I guarantee you will!), you will see the perfect graduation gift, teachers gift, bridesmaids, mother’s day, birthday, baby shower or just because gift!!

Thirty-One can provide you with additional income to satisfy the need in your life. For me, it was being able to be a stay-at-home mom. For others, Thirty-One is a fund for grandchildren, shopping sprees, teenagers clothes, a new car fund, credit card debt, mother’s day out, dance/karate class…or just some fun “me-time” away from the hectic busyness of day-to-day life!

I promoted to Senior Consultant after 3 short months and then to Director two months later. I love having such a fun, driven, successful group of women to work with!! They span from Texas, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Mississippi, Indiana, Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut and Kentucky!! I would love to have you as an addition to my team!!

Please look through our current catalog and let me know if there is something that catches your eye! I would love to help you with the next step; whether that is ordering, hosting a party or starting your career as a consultant!


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