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Friday, February 26, 2010

$25 in Thirty-One Products!!

$25 in Thirty-One Products!!

You can earn $25 in Thirty-One Products by either of the following:

• My Thirty-One business is my passion and I have worked really hard at expanding and growing it!! I would love your help!! Take a minute to brainstorm friends and family in your life. Is there someone that you can think of who would enjoy working for Thirty-One or benefit from the business opportunity? Receive a $25 Gift Certificate for referring a consultant to my team!!

• Do you love Thirty-One products?? Join my team and receive $25 in products of your choice when you qualify within your first 30 days!!

Here are 31 Reasons to become a Consultant:
1. Learning to be independent, courageous and strong.
2. I love purses
3. Extra income for kid’s extra-curricular activities (dance, karate, etc)
4. Quitting my regular job
5. Have some ME time
6. Children will be grown & gone in just a few years…filling the empty-nesters void
7. Building your first home!
8. To pay for pre-school!
9. Needing a 2nd job
10. Staying home with kids & even grandkids
11. Provide those little extras, eating out, the movies.
12. Provide an income; help pay the car payment, the mortgage, and the utilities.
13. Outlet from wife and mom roles
14. Faith based business
15. Recognition for accomplishments
16. Encouragement from other women
17. Private School Tuition
18. Get out of debt
19. Be there when the kids get off the school bus
20. Part time hours, full time income
21. Making friends
22. Remodeling a house
23. To earn a free vacation
24. Respect from family and friends
25. Helping other women help themselves
26. A single mom, needed a second job without compromising her family life
27. Stepping out of the comfort zone, personal growth
28. To impact my community
29. To make my kids proud
30. To accomplish something for myself
31. To be around positive Proverbs 31 women
31+ For the flexible work schedule
Kristen Brininstool
Thirty-One Gifts, Director