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Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Business Cards!!

Just wanted to share my new fancy smancy business cards (or I think so)!! I decided that my cards needed to convey what I sell! I think they are gorgeous and feature our new fall Chocolate Blossom and Chocolate Spot patterns! Keep your eyes might just land in your hot little hands!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Write this down...New Website!!

When I initially signed up for Thirty-One I tried to make my Thirty-One website with just Kristen...but no luck, it was taken. I then tried luck, also taken. Therefor, I settled on very long name. I have since learned that Kristen has become I immediately snatched it up!! I think it will be much easier on my customers (because lets face it...I don't have the simplest last name).

Here it is...from now on, please visit:

Monday, August 3, 2009

August Specials!! Earn Brand New products for FREE!!

What a great way to kick off the Fall/Winter season than to HOST a Thirty-One party for your family, friends, neighbors and more!! Our baskets are great...and now is your chance to add them to your Thirty-One collection for FREE by taking advantage of our August Hostess Special.

Host a $450 Party, purchase the Small Basket Liner for $18 and you will receive the Small Rectangle Basket for FREE ($34 value). Great size for coralling on-the-go entertainment for road trips. Toss in small toys, books and DVD's for happier trails. Measures approx. 12.5 x 8 x 7

Host a $750 Party, purchase the Large Basket Liner for $26 and you will receive the Large Rectangle Basket for FREE ($89 value). Get organized in a hurry and look great doing it! Great size for the laundry room, mud room or to catch shoes at the door. Measures approx. 18 x 13 x 12

Host a $1000 Party, purchase the Small and Large Basket Liners for $44 and you will receive BOTH the Small and Large Rectangle Baskets for FREE ($123 value!!).

The rectangle basket is a classic Thirty-One product, which you can now dress up with our NEW Dusty Dot Basket Liners!! The Small and Large Rectangle Baskets are also great paired with the Brown Damask Thermal Containers! A great way to make a picnic basket, handy to use at parties...or in the trunk of your car for cold groceries!!

You can intrigue your friends and family with the August Customer Special!! With every $31 purchase, your guests can add on the Pleated Accent Purse for HALF price at $19 (regularly $38). Our cute and stylish purse can be used for work or play. Features zipper closure, cell phone and zipper pockets inside. Zipper pocket outside. Choose from: Brown Woven, Medallion Vine or Dot Dot. Measures approx. 7.5 x 11 x 3.5

Contact me today to book your party or for a FREE catalog!!


Ended July with a B-A-N-G!! about a successful weekend! I recently held three amazing parties and ended July with a B-A-N-G!!

Leslie decided to host an online party and invited friends from San Antonio, Dallas...and Oklahoma!! She did great!! Talk about a good hostess who knows how to get her guests excited!! She had four online guests and her sales totaled $220...just enough for Leslie to earn products for FREE!! Leslie treated herself with $22 in FREE products, one half priced items and 10% off any additional purchases!! See how easy an online party can be?? Just get your list together and I will do the rest!!

Mary hosted a party Saturday night and had the girls over for yummy drinks and dinner!! She hosted the party with the assistance of her two wonderful sisters, Terri and Martha! Eight orders were placed at Mary's party and her sales totaled $753!! She earned $107 in FREE products, THREE half priced items, FREE shipping and earned a $50 Gift Certificate to spend on the new Fall/Winter catalog!! With her hostess credits, Mary was able to purchase some fun bags for herself and family members!! Her favorite new items is her Multi-Dot Pleated Beach Tote!

Susan hosted an open house on Sunday and her guests had a blast!! She had thirteen orders placed and sold $626 in product!!! She earned $93 in FREE products, THREE half priced items, FREE shipping and earned a $50 Gift Certificate to spend on the new Fall/Winter Catalog. In addition, TWO of her party guests booked their own she earned $5 to spend at each of their parties!! Susan was able to get the Hobo Bag and Zipper Pouch for her daughter and she treated herself to some stationery, the Storage Tote, a new skirt for her Skirt Purse...and more!! She is already making her wishlist for her Gift Certificate...

How easy does that sound?? Who doesn't like getting stuff for FREE or HALF price?? Have a group of friends...simply invite them over for a few yummy treats and a party...or hold an open house and let them come and go, as they shop! Before the day is over you can fulfill your wishlist!!

Simply contact me today and book a spot on my calendar! or 210-373-7950

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thirty-One is growing and so is our excitement as we gear up to welcome our 10,000th consultant... and it could be you! To celebrate this occasion, the person who signs up as the 10,000 Consultant will be awarded a FREE $100 shopping spree.

The unfortunate part is that nobody knows exactly when this is going to happen. Some say it will happen in the next few weeks but really it could happen at any time...women are signing up each and every day!! So if you are thinking about joining Thirty-One, now is the time to do your research, book your parties and then sign up to become the 10,000 Consultant.

To join my team, all you need to do is visit my Thirty-One Website and click on "Join my Team". However, before you do, contact me and I'll send you more information. It's a great time to be part of Thirty-One!

(UPDATE: As of the end of July, we are approximately 50 consultants away from hitting 10,000. It is hard to say when we will reach 10,000...but it could be any day now!! If you are thinking of joining and want to win the $100 shopping spree, sign up sooner rather than later to help ensure your chance to win!!)

Sign up could be YOU!!

Email me:

Call me: 210-373-7950