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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thirty-One...Amazing Growth with an Amazing Opportunity!!

Our Mission
Thirty-One is more than just a company.
We are people who believe in celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women for who they are.
Through God's strength, we've built a family of individuals who feel women deserve to treat themselves to something special.
Our commitment to provide women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Words cannot begin to describe how honored I am to be a part of such an amazing company. Thirty-One had over 6,000 new consultants sign up in the month of January alone and is the #1 Direct Selling Company in our industry. Our amazing Founder and CEO, Cindy Monroe stated that, “no athlete can have a successful career without constant training, nutrition and conditioning and neither can we.”

In order to provide our customers and consultants with the best products, service and quality that you can expect from one of America’s Greatest Selling Companies, we will implement a temporary recruiting pause effective February 7th. This pause will allow our company to upgrade our software and make the changes needed to support our thriving business. As quickly as the sales field has expanded, Thirty-One needs time to catch their breath. In just 8 years Thirty-One has grown to achieve the level that it takes other companies over 20 years to achieve! Way to go, Thirty-One!!

On a side note...I LOVE how "BIG" Thirty-One truly is. It amazes me that because of us, consultants, we are able to provide employment opportunities for so many people!! Through this change, we are going to be able to give the precious gift of employment to many more individuals! It trickles down in ways that we never see...FedEx, UPS, Home Office Staff, packaging companies, embroidery companies, factories and more!! OUR job makes it possible for others to provide for their families. What a blessing!!

If you feel confident at this time that you would like to jump on the band wagon and be a part of something truly magical then I invite you to join my team prior to February 7th. This temporary recruiting pause will allow us the opportunity to focus on the basics and will allow me as your leader to have the opportunity to help you grow your business even further as we gear up for the end of the recruiting pause. Now is a great time to join and focus on building your contacts and your personal business as you move toward building a team at a later date.

Thirty-One is a company like no other and I’m truly blessed that God has led me on this amazing journey. The amazing friendships that I have made, the financial freedom that it has afforded my family and the pure confidence that owning my own business has given me is something that I can never truly thank them enough for.

If you are ready to begin your own 31derful journey prior to the recruiting pause, then I invite you to visit and click on “Join My Team.” You may also visit my Opportunity Site at for more information regarding the company, my story and what Thirty-One has to offer! You will also find embroidery tips for your Consultant Kit! If you are still praying and are not yet ready to take your leap of faith then you will be among the first phone calls I will make once the pause has been lifted.
However, if you are ready, I would be honored to welcome you to my team and we willCELEBRATE with the arrival of your PINK BOX!! I will be there to ENCOURAGE you along the way, assist with booking parties and sharing the opportunity. Last, but not least…I would love to REWARD you for your commitment! Anyone who joins my team today through February 7th will receive $31 in NEW product (of your choice) when you qualify in your first 31 days! I currently have over 400 women in over 34 states on my team. I believe in Thirty-One and their motto: Celebrate | Encourage | Reward...and that’s just what we will do!

To all of my customers and hostesses please know that Thirty-One is thriving and there are many amazing things in store for you with our new catalog and our current specials! In honor of our amazing company you can take 31% off ANY item when you spend $31 this month! Now THAT is a great deal!!

I’m looking forward to hearing from those of you that are interested in starting your own journey with Thirty-One. I honestly do not know how long the hold will be in place, but I assure you that when it is lifted the enormous growth will continue AND you will be able to benefit from that after we have gotten you off to a great start! I just wanted to give you the opportunity to join the fastest growing direct-selling company!

Happy February!

Kristen Brininstool
Senior Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Click HERE to read Cindy Monroe's amazing message!

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