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Friday, January 7, 2011

Are you ready?? (New Catalog Info, New Consultant Incentives and Discontinued Product List)

...if not, hold onto your seats because the Spring/Summer 2011 catalog is nearly here! I have received so much interest lately regarding Thirty-One, that I decided my blog needed a little update!

Did you hear?? Thirty-One is currently the fastest growing company in the Direct Sales industry...we grew by 500% last year - WOW!! (this explains why I have had so many people contacting me...Thirty-One is amazing!!!)

Here's the low-down on the new catalog and how YOU can get the new enrollment kit it in your hot little hands!!

The fabulous catalog will officially make it's grand debut on February 1st and run through July 31st, 2011. ALL consultants who enroll January 15th or later will receive the NEW kit!! What's in the new kit? All the business materials you need to get started (catalogs, order forms, post cards, instructions and of course, the best products ever (pinky swear!!). In 72 hours I will be able to tell you a bit more about this...but for now, I'll have to hold you in suspense! Thirty-One is having their GRAND PRODUCT REVEAL this Sunday (1-9-10)!!!

Any consultants who join my team ON January 15th (from 12:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m.) will receive a FREE Thermal Tote (your choice!) to add to your kit (my little gift to you)!! Historically, Thirty-One always includes the regular size thermal tote in the enrollment kit...however the Small Thermal Tote is the perfect addition! These are both top sellers!

(shown above: Small Thermal Tote: Boho Patchwork Paisley and Regular Thermal Tote: *NEW* Floral Celebration)

(PS - If you like what you see, head on over to my Facebook Fan Page, become a fan/like and start referring your friends! You could win a FREE Thermal Tote just for sharing my page with your friends!)

Thirty-One has also revamped our StartSwell program to allow you to earn the Qualification for FREE in your first 45 days!! This is now known as your StartSwell kit! ...and trust me, SO SO easy to earn...I sold over $2,000 my first month as a consultant and so can you ($1800 will be a piece of cake)!! Map out and book your first four parties and you'll be golden!!! Tell your friends and family how excited you are about Thirty-One and ask them when they can host one of your first parties!!

Who wouldn't want this amazing set of products for FREE??!!??

Products in the StartSwell Kit are:
Brown Skirt purse with a new fabric Fitted Purse Skirt; a new style purse; Brown Pocket-Full-of-Posies City Weekender Tote; new fabrics in the Cosmetic Bag and Retro Metro Bag; a new wallet and key fob. Business supplies include 25 Spring/Summer catalogs, 120 Girl On-the-Go party invitations, 50 order forms, Personalization Swatches, a StartSwell (Girl On-the-Go) Kit card and a set of 10 Party With a Purpose: Girl On-The-Go cards.

Dream Rewards
When I wanted to quit my job to stay at home, one of our concerns was never being able to travel. However, through Thirty-One I have earned TWO trips! Last Fall, I went on the Director Leadership trip with my husband in Maya Riviera, Mexico AND we are going on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise in a few weeks! I have earned Level 2 ($1600 towards a Carnival Cruise(paid for all of it!)) and Level 3 ($2,000 Apple/Mac Gift Certificate - purchased iMac) since joining Thirty-One...and I'm making more money than before I decided to stay home!

Whether you are a customer, hostess or upcoming will want to check these out!!

February Customer Special
February celebrated in 31 ways…31 percent off, that is! When you spends only $31 in February, you can choose ANY ITEM for 31 percent off! If you spend $62, you can choose TWO ITEMS at 31 percent off! February is the perfect time to start stocking the gift closet for the year, and this gives your guests plenty of great opportunities.

February Hostess Special
February Hostesses get BIG rewards when you host a $450+ party…you can choose the Cindy Tote at 70 percent off! Yes, one of our most popular products can be had for only $20.40! This stylish tote is perfect as a briefcase, a diaper bag, a scrapbooker’s bag and just about anything else you can think of.

In addition, there’s a booking bonus in February. When your Hostess has a party in February, for each guest who books off her party, both your February Hostess and her guest will each receive $5 off their party orders when the guest holds her party!

I truly love Thirty-One.
I love what it stands for. I love what it has done for my family. I love what it has done for myself (I have something that is "mine" and it has given me more self confidence). I love all the women I have met...consultants, hostesses and customers. I love everything that Thirty-One does for their consultants.
I love my Thirty-One family.

Join my team and find out how you can earn $250 towards National Conference 2011 (July 13-16 in Columbus, Ohio)!!
Just Imagine the Possibilities...

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!
Click to view what favorite Thirty-One items/fabrics may be retiring!
The Fall/Winter Catalog and Holiday Gift Guide will expire on January 31st, 2011. The Spring/Summer 2011 Catalog will run February 1, 2011 through July 31, 2011.

A quick re-cap on My Thirty-One and 2010:

-January 1, 2010: 26 consultants on my team
-December 31, 2010: 307 consultants on my team
-Downline (Team) Sales: $751,003.05
-Personal Sales: $44,583
-Personal Recruits: 76
-Number of Parties: 65

Jan. 2010 -- $910.25
Feb. 2010 -- $1,332.73
March 2010 -- $1,059.99
April 2010 -- $1,414.84
May 2010 -- $1,927.82
June 2010 -- $811.07
July 2010 -- $1,159.66
August 2010 -- $3,140.86
Sept. 2010 -- $2,761.47
Oct. 2010 -- $6,680.86
Nov. 2010 -- $11,604.13
Dec. 2010 -- $5,751.41

I can't wait to help you get started on YOUR Thirty-One journey!

Happy New Year!
Kristen Brininstool
Senior Director, Thirty-One Gifts

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Want it all? Become a Consultant!

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