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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Strong Women

I had the privilege of helping my Director and a good friend (another Director) host a conference call last night. This story was shared…and I wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!

Strong Women
By Richard Neihart
Submitted by: DSWA

So who is a woman of the direct selling profession? She is many things. She is North American, Australian and Asian. She's Latin and European. She comes in all shapes and sizes: large and small and short and tall. Her hair is black and brown and blond – and silver. She comes from every walk of life: From family farms and average, ordinary towns to big, sophisticated cities.

The typical direct selling professional is a married woman, a wife who loves her husband and children. She's also a divorced mom determined to work at home and raise her kids. She's a grandmother, toned, tanned, tuned in and out to win the second half of her life. And in very sad situations, she's a mistreated woman seeking to escape an abusive relationship. She's a no-nonsense corporate career woman who hit her head on the “glass ceiling” one too many times – and a sensible, single woman who's decided that rather than “marry a millionaire” she'll just become one. She is a Ph.D., a high school dropout and everything in between.

But no matter her nationality, shape or size, no matter her education, race or religion she is the feminine face of free enterprise.

She's business in blue jeans; wholesale in high heels; an entrepreneur in an evening gown. Her energies drive the world's economy. Her efforts mesh the gears of international commerce. Her time and talent puts food in the fridge, clothes in the closet and cars in the carport. She keeps factories functioning, freight cars filled, and trucks trucking.

In fact, if all the multiplied millions of women in direct selling stopped work for one week, the world's economy would stumble to a standstill. She is a strong woman. Part angel, actress and acrobat, she is a multi-tasking miracle – she can fold laundry, repair a bike, prepare a dinner, change a baby, change a tire and host a conference call – all at the same time. A fusion of
model, missionary and magician, she can wrench ninety minutes from an hour, squeeze eight days out of a week and 40 days from a month. She can meet a month end production deadline dead center – and although she may not feel it, she's drop dead gorgeous.

She is a strong woman. She can be found anywhere: From a concourse to a convention center. You'll find her on a laptop in a coffee shop, hosting an in home presentation, up front training or sitting in a seminar listening and learning. But mostly you'll find her at home…because that's probably why she chose direct selling in the first place. She really wants to work from home.
An independent sales representative, she is the CEO of her own corporation. Her corner office commands a sweeping view of her back yard and her kids at play.

In the beginning her desk may be a folding card table with a milk crate credenza but it's a real office just the same – the nerve center of the greatest operation on earth. This lady of direct selling is courage, character and consistency, leadership, loyalty and love. She loves God. She loves her family. She loves her company. She loves her products. She loves people. This direct
selling dynamo never meets a stranger. She simply has no time to be timid.

From grocery checkouts to waiting rooms to county fairs she is the world's most effective and natural networker. She is prospecting and presentations; recruitment and retention. She is on-line enrollment and education, bookings and benefits, motivation and more. She's a team builder, cheerleader and star player all in one. As a consultant, counselor and coach she is persistence, patience and profit…and a little prayer.

She's a strong woman. In a world where clarity is a rarity, she knows what she wants. Instead of taking care she's taking charge. While protecting the present she is planning the future. While others wish, she works. While others are making excuses, she is making money. The very reasons why some women say they can't succeed are the compelling reasons why she must.

She is a strong woman. She is a tough-minded optimist. Pleasantly persistent she moves from rejection to rejection without losing enthusiasm. She knows that her sales are in direct proportion to the number of times she is willing to open herself up to being let down. She doesn't enjoy it any more than anyone else but has come to terms with rejection and refuses to let it stop her from pursuing her goals.

She is a strong woman.

Article provided by the Direct Selling Women's Alliance Copyright 2003

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