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Monday, November 1, 2010

18 Months in the life of Thirty-One

Today marks 18 months with Thirty-One...and we haven't looked back since! Brooks is in complete awe of my success and we both feel incredibly blessed! Thirty-One has allowed me to stay at home with my daughter, which is my "why"..."why" I am with the company.

Most people are curious how much income a consultant makes or can make. First of all, let me tell you...if you work your business, it will grown and your income will grow. If you say, "I'm not a sales person" or "I'm not outgoing" or "It's not my thing"...don't worry, I'm not pushy, not outgoing and had never been to a home party before joining Thirty-One...BUT our products are fabulous!! All you have to do is walk into a room and your party guests are flocking all over you to see everything, "what's this" "what's that"...etc! So, that is how you work your simply put yourself out there and take your cute products with you everywhere you go!

I wanted to share my last 18 paychecks with you, simply because people ask and are curious.

May 2009 -- $573.46
June 2009 -- $420.12
July 2009 -- $413.09
August 2009 -- $889.91 - promoted to Senior Consultant
Sept. 2009 -- $912.71
Oct. 2009 -- $1,594.39 - promoted to Director
Nov. 2009 -- $1,337.94
Dec. 2009 -- $1,959.93 (received $1000 Director bonus)
Jan. 2010 -- $910.25
Feb. 2010 -- $1,332.73
March 2010 -- $1,059.99
April 2010 -- $1,414.84
May 2010 -- $1,927.82
June 2010 -- $811.07
July 2010 -- $1,159.66
August 2010 -- $3,140.86
Sept. 2010 -- $2,761.47
Oct. 2010 -- $6,680.86
November -- ??? - will promote to Senior Director!!

October has been absolutely incredible. My team sales hit $159,580, which is $100,000 higher than my previous team record. August 15th my team gained its 100th consultant...less than two months later we have 213 women.

Thirty-One can provide additional income for a vacation fund, new car, college savings, "me" money, dance/karate/gymnastics class...or you can turn it into your primary career!

I would love to share more information with you!

Kristen Brininstool
Director, Thirty-One Gifts

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