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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September to Remember!! Calling All Potential Consultants...

35 Candles Means 35 Wishes for New Consultants!

Did we say celebrate? You betcha! Did you know that our founder, Cindy Monroe’s birthday is in September? She’ll be 35 this year and we’re celebrating by offering a new consultant incentive.

Anyone who joins the Thirty-One family by signing up in September and qualifies by October 31st will receive 35% commission on their first $1000 in personal sales. Who couldn’t use an extra $350 this time of year? The 10% commission bonus will be reflected in the first commission payment following their $1000 in sales.

The earlier you join, the better the chances of qualifying plus you'll still earn the usual Start Swell Incentives! Since our average party is $450, you may only need to hold three parties to earn the commission bonus.

I recently held a party that alone broke $ is so easy to do!! I qualified within my first 30 days...I know you can too!

I wanted to pass this along to you!! If you are still thinking about becoming a is the PERFECT time!!

Join now, so you earn 35% on your first $1000...AND take advantage of the 40% off sale (consultants only) for September!!

Simply visit and choose "Join My Team" and then select "Sign up Online"

It is super easy to sign up, but if you have any questions...please contact me today!! My career as a Thirty-One consultant has truly been a blessing and a wonderful fit for my life! I would love to help your begin your career as a Thirty-One woman too! or 210-373-7950

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