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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glamour Shoe Bag...AKA Perfect for Everything Bag!

As you know, Thirty-One recently came out with their newest catalog...Direction! It has some really great new things in it! I just received several items that I have ordered as samples, and my favorite is the Shoe Bag...and to think, it was a last minute addition for me (what was I thinking!). It is so can truly be used for anything!!

Here are some great suggestions:

-Gaming System (wii, 360, etx...)
-Pet food, toys, meds when boarding them
-Nebulizer/Medical Stuff
-Snacks (will fit 2 boxes of crackers, 1 bags of chips, apples + more)
-Ski/Sports gear
-Dance stuff
-Coloring books & colors

I ordered the Girl Paisley with Dance in pink vinyl letters, whimsical font...and LOVE it!!

This bag is plastic on the outside and inside! It is perfect to put food in, take to the beach...or just to travel with!!

Contact me at to order yours today!! Or, visit and choose "Place an Order" to order online!!

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